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hi all,

I previously posted about my over-winter supers having brood and best way to manage (my winter setup was 2 deeps and a super of honey- by spring she was laying in the super, both of my hives). I ended up moving the supers down and the emptier deeps up top. Once I had enough brood up top I brought the supers up top again this time with queen excluder underneath-- my thought that the nurses would finish rearing the brood and then once hatched clean those cells and use 'em for honey. However- I've noticed instead that they're back-filling empty brood cells (in the supers, both hives) with pollen.

*I doubt there's much I can do, or should do, but curious as to whether anyone knows if this is transient and ultimately I'll have pure honey supers again or if somehow once brood has been in there they don't use for pure honey storage anymore? Also, in July, assuming I have enough on the hive to take, do I just uncap whatever capped honey is on the frame and that pollen will come out when I extract? I guess it just gets caught in the filter.

*Also, those supers are pretty heavy with honey so I added another super of partially drawn comb on top of both hives. They remain fairly untouched 3 weeks later. I considered reversing and putting the empty supers below the full- but my concern is that then there will be very few bees up in the top (full) super and it's prime target for SHB's unchecked destruction. Curious if I should just remove the heavy supers altogether and freeze those frames until extraction time?

thanks for any input

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