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Back to the workshop...nuc boxes

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Got a sweet deal on 1x12x10foot under $6 and 1x8x10feet under $4 from a local amish saw mill. (A'll be bock). Now I wake up early and lay there with plans and measurements going through my head and can't sleep, nor can I wake the rest of the house with saws and compressor!
I'm thinking 5 frame nucs of standard height, just shorten the16.25 to nine and get ready for swarm and cutout season. Got my first cut out call of the year in a vacant house and just don't want to do it yet. If I don't get the queen I'm so:no: without local flora or queen supply.
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Check your measurements by placing 5 frame ends together and measuring the total width. I made some nucs 9" wide and they're really tight; hard to get the first frame out. Went up to 9 1/4" and they work better. ;)
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