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Another crowdfunded hive for new beekeepers.

I'm a little unclear how you get in there to inspect the brood chamber, apply varroa treatments, and stuff like that. And I'm unsure whether the bees would happily store honey in those clear boxes, exposed to the light.

On the other hand, for someone new with just a hive or two, having the entrance up high could have its advantages. The windows are cool. And the little "supers" might be kind of convenient.

Curious what y'all think. I mean, obviously the marketing is deceptive about what beekeeping is really like, but just, what do you think of the product itself? I won't be buying one, but just from a design perspective, maybe there are some salvageable ideas here?
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Our bee club president sent me a link to this last week. ROTFLMAO. I had the same concerns regarding hive inspections and treating.
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