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attack of the wax moth

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I have one large hive 2-3 years old

and a small hive that I didnt even expect to make it thru winter

the small hive is about 2-3 frames max

tho that had started drawing some other wax out

I have peeked thru the hive top feeder about every 2-4 days

4 days ago I saw bees working

today I look in and see nothing

I removed the feeder to find NOTHING

no dead bodies NOTHING

abandoned brood, nectar ,and pollen in 2 -3 frames

I pulled out a couple frames and saw silk or cobweb looking stuff drilled horizontally across in a meandering path on 2 of the frames

did they abscond?

should I worry about my strong hive next door getting this?

what steps should I take?

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if them fraims aint to far gone id put em in the deep freze.

i would crack that be hive open an ck it out. if you see any moths id keep
a close eye. round here we got the greater an lesser wax worm.
if you only got 2 or 3 fraims they need to be in a nuc or divided nuc.
aint enough bee to pull guard duty on a 10 frain deep.

id split the big one after honey flow if they aint makein swarm cells. if they
is id split it now an pull the fraim out of the frezer an add one to each.
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