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Thought I would check and see what has been happening in the hives today.
Looks like some of the flow has slowed down a little since the weather has been so hot the last few day. They have drawn a good amount out in the super and are still working hard. There is still some honey being put in them but not like a few weeks ago. After pulling the super of I dug out the first outside frame and it looked great. It was fully capped on one side and just about capped on the other.

It did look like I should have put the suppers on a few days earlier then I did. It looked like they back filled in to the brood areas a bit.

Did a bit of clean up of some burr and bridge comb.

Every thing is looking great. I hope that there is enough of a flow still going for the next month that I will be able to harvest some honey. So far I don't think I'm doing to bad for my first year.
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