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Are you keeping your honey prices same as last year?

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We're just hobbyists, but we do sell our honey to help offset the cost of more equipment for beekeeping :) With the price of seemingly everything else going up does anyone plan to raise the price of their honey? We don't want to price it too low, but of course don't want to price it too high either.
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well all depends if you feed your bees I don't feed my bees or treat them in any way.I charge $1.00 an oz
We don't treat either but we fed late fall last year to build their stores up for winter.
I think what post 2 referred to was do you feed while supers are on? I expect not. Same regarding treatments...assume no treatments when supers are on so no known residue in wax or honey.

Really unless you make sugar water honey laced with pesticide your honey is as good as anyone's and you should charge what your local market,or where ever you sell,will pay.
No, of course we do not feed while supers are on. I thought franktrujillo was referring to never feeding at all, because I've heard people criticize feeding sugar as unnatural. This is our 4th year, and in previous years have sold at $8/pound. We have friends about 20 miles away that sell for $5/pound. You can buy a pound of honey from wally-world for about $4.50! We were trying to convince them they need to raise their prices because their product is superior to wally-world and also because it seems like everything is going up. Hence my question: anyone changing their honey prices from last year?
I raised my prices this year
pint was 10.00 now 13.00
quart was 20.00 now 25.00
How much does a pint weigh?
Honey averages about a pound per 12 fluid ounces as a rule of thumb.
No change in pricing for me. 2 oz. Bears $1.50. 6 oz. Bears $3.00(and no one ever buys these, so I will discontinue when I give them all away). 12 oz. Bears $5.00. 1 lb. bottle $6.00. 2 lb. bottle $10.00. 75% of my sales are the 2 lb. bottles.
i also was $10/pint and $20/quart. sold out before christmas last year and have had peopole begging me for more. i was thinking to go to $12 and $23. kinda crazy to think of prices increasing by 20% in one year but i would still expect to move it all by christmas again. my cousin just reported prices in south jersey of $14-16/pound (not pint) depending on what flavor. maybe i should mull this over some more...
My prices have remained the same for the last 3 years... $10/lb retail, $7/lb wholesale in 5 gal buckets.
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