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Are eyelets a must for wiring frames?

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I bought a small spool or wire to give frame wiring a try. Seems to work out okay. I sure hope I get faster as I go and I'm sure I will once I build a jig to use.

My question, are the brass eyelets a "must" when wiring frames? I'm sure the wire will cut into the frame some if they aren't used, but I don't know if the lack of them will cause frame failure.

I was going to use monofilament fishing line until I searched the forum. Looks like a lot of bad experiences with that. I wish I had searched the forum before buying a spool of 30lb mono.......
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For what it's worth I have wired up frames for foundationless without using eyelets. It will cut into the frame a little over time but it isn't a big deal. If the wire does loosen slightly (due to cutting into the frame) before you put it into the hive you can grab the wire on the outside of the frame with needle nose pliers and twist a little to tighten it back up. Works for me.

I've had mixed results with monofilament, some hives build right over it, but I've had a few cut it out so I'm going with wire now.
No, eyelets are not necessary for wiring frames. They are another of those "better ideas" that beekeepers have from time to time, ideas that require time and money but produce little benefit.
You can use wide crown staples set just above or below the hole to stop the wire from biting into the wood. I've done that, used eyelets, and done without any protection for the frame. Never really had a problem either way.

This year I switched to plastic foundation. I think I like that best of all.
Cross-wiring is a pain, but nothing like fixing the mess of bowed comb!

Eyelets are a good thing -- otherwise it is possible to pull the wire completely through the end bar if you get one with truly vertical grain, I've done it. With the eyelets you can get the wire really tight without slicing into the wood.

Staples will work, but don't take any less time than the eyelets, at least for me.

But then I'm only doing hundreds of frames and I'm rather old-fashioned.

I found using a regular hand stapler works really good , just make sure you put the staple on the same side of the hole as your nails that hold the wire ,very quick and easy and alot faster than the eyelets for me and get the staple right up to the edge of the hole , the wire has to go over it to get to the nail where you tie it off .
I use a cheap paper stapler from walmart. A box of 1000 staples is less than a dollar. I wire any where from 500 to 1500 frames a year with a modified 5 horizontal wire set up. You can do 5 x's the amount of work with the stapler than the eyelets. Do your self a favor if you plan on wiring and get yourself a wire crimper. I wrap and tie my wire btw rather than use nail and wrap method.

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