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Apivar and Virgin/non laying queens

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Does anyone know if apivar has any adverse effects on virgin/non laying queens?

I have 2 nucs and 3 hives, and I would like to treat all of the bees at the same time but the nucs have virgin/non laying queens right now. One of my hives has a high mite load (other 2 are ok for now) so I need to start a treatment soon.

I should also hit the nucs with OAV, since there is no capped brood right now, but they will probably pick up mites again before the season is over.
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From Veto-Pharma (maker of Apivar):

"There are no counter-indications to the use of Apivar in the presence of queen cells, or non-mated young queens. The use of Apivar is safe and the product was developed with the primary objective of not harming the colony, or its constituents. For beekeepers rearing queens, it is recommended that colonies be treated prior to commencement of queen rearing activities, and strips be removed before starting the production of queens, in the absence of specific data concerning Apivar use while rearing queens."
so OAV then a couple times till the queen is mature, then do the other.
I would think a NUC is small enough to allow the OAV to be fairly effective.

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I'm not exactly sure about this.
About what, exactly?
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