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Apivar and Supers

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At the end of August, I will remove any remaining supers and then treat the2 lower brood boxes with Apivar, and I will feed at the same time. My question pertains to the supers I take off that are uncapped. There will be at least 10-15 and they will be partially filled and many with uncapped honey and I assume higher moisture content. I can process the capped honey. What do I do with so much uncapped honey and higher moisture content? I do not want to contaminate the supers by leaving them on while treating with Apivar.
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I think this answer will get a lot of criticism, and perhaps rightfully so, but I will tell you what I do. I take the remaining supers with frames of open nectar and set them on their sides about 75 to 100 yards from my hives and let them get robbed dry. I can then store the frames outside under my shed so long as no brood has been raised in the comb. SHB have nothing to eat and leave it alone. If no cocoons from brood rearing, wax moths are not interested in it either. The only problems I have are the squirrels chewing on the wooden frames.

You are always taking a risk open feeding with robbing, mite and disease transmission. So far, I have been lucky and this method has worked for me.
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