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There are several excellent magazines other than ABJ and Gleanings which publish up to date work on bees.

Upcoming articles in Apidologie

New Asian types of Varroa destructor: a potential new threat for world apiculture
Maria Navajas, Denis L. Anderson, Lilia I. de Guzman, Zachary Y. Huang, Jeremy Clement, Ting Zhou and Yves Le Conte Accepted 21 August 2009

Brood-cell size has no influence on the population dynamics of Varroa destructor mites in the native European honey bee, Apis mellifera mellifera
M.F. Coffey, J.B. McMullan, J. Breen, M.J.F. Brown submitted 23/10/2009

Varroa destructor is the main culprit for the death and reduced populations of overwintered honey bee (Apis mellifera) colonies in Ontario, Canada
Ernesto Guzmán-Novoa, Leslie Eccles, Yireli Calvete, Janine Mcgowan, Paul G. Kelly and Adriana Correa-Benà tez Published Online: 08 January 2010

* * *

Journal of Apicultural Research
Special Issue
Colony Losses

Issue 49(1) of the Journal of Apicultural Research, published by IBRA will contain a comprehensive mixture of evidence based review articles, original research articles, and reports of colony losses in many partner countries of the COST funded COLOSS Network. This issue is edited by Dr. Peter Neumann, the Chair of the global COLOSS network "Prevention of honey bee COlony LOSSes"; and Norman Carreck, Scientific Director, IBRA, and the University of Sussex, UK.

The Journal of Apicultural Research is available in electronic format from the IBRA website. However, in view of the special interest in this topic, issue 49(1) will also be available as a one‑off paper edition for £18.75 plus postage. The paper edition can be purchased through IBRA and individual papers can be downloaded from the website.

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