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I did a good hive inspection yesterday. Hives 1 and 2 are solid. Both are two deeps and a honey super. The top deep in both are pretty much full of honey which I will leave for them for the winter. The honey supers are not built out at all, but from an earlier thread I am now feeding them in hopes they will build out the honey supers for next year. There is still some clover around too.

Hive #3 is queenless. There is no brood, no eggs, no larva. There is a good population of bees, and they too have the second deep nearly full of honey. I want to buy a mated queen and re-queen #3. However, my local bee guru is not around. Is there anywhere to get a mated queen in central NJ? It's too hot to mail order one, right?

I am aware I could take a frame of brood and eggs from #1 or #2, but I am only in my second year, and frankly I don't want to screw up #1 and #2.

Any thoughts are appreciated.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts