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Anything like too many nucs?

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I fed my bees early this spring with sugar boards. We had a terrible nectar season last year, then a long cold winter. Well, then we had a bunch of trees all started blooming at once. The bees went nuts. I probably had 50 swarm cells in 6 hives. I had given them room and everything, but they were recognizing abundance.

I now have 35 nucs. (I didn't cut any of the swarm cells. If there were 3 on a frame, I just the frame in the queen castle mating box, or in a nuc.)

We're having 3 days of rain, the beginning of which most of these capped cells will open up. So, at the end of those 3 days, all those virgin queens will be itching to get out.

Any thing I need to worry about?
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Why worry its all beyond your control. Just let them do their thing. Then manage any nuc that doesn't have a laying queen in a few weeks. By combining with a queenright nuc. If you end up with more than you want or can handle, sell them. Lots of people still want or need bees. I hope you have a 100% mating success. Mine is usually 75-80% but one has to have a dream.
Don't worry those queens won't want to leave the hive for a week anyway. Things will change again by then.
Any thing I need to worry about?
Building a LOT more equipment?

Wow, man. What a nice problem to have. Do you have any of the original six hives left?
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