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Anyone know of a good beekeeper liability insurance?

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Hi everyone!

Just wondering...anyone have any recommendations for a good beekeeper liability insurance?

We live and have honeybees in California...

Presently I am looking at Bee Insure

Anyone know if they are any good?


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Yeah, drain your bank accounts and store cash.

Make it an LLC company, and specifically call it a name that's obviously a beekeeping company so if someone gives you trouble, it's the LLC company not you.

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Using an LLC doesn't necessarily protect you. I suggest reading the linked post #15 by Specialkayme on that issue (he is a bankruptcy attorney):


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It took a few years of asking for me, but I finally got some coverage through a small business rider to my homeowner's policy. I also recommend Rader's link to SpecialK's post. SpecialK actually wrote an article on insurance that was published in American Bee Journal.
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