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Anyone else's bees super seriously delayed this spring?

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Just saw that my bee package is being delayed once again. Originally the arrival date was April 23, now we're to JUNE 2! These bees (Russians) are trucked from Georgia to NH. I've bought from him for 3 yrs. now, he's a reliable seller, the issue must be coming from Georgia.

Anyone else experiencing this? I could ask the seller what's going on, but he's probably getting hundreds of similar calls...
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It's a ritual... OCD... what can I say.
We got 10 packages w/ queens that were sent up from Georgia as scheduled on 27 March.
Getting my two russian packages from the same supplier. Very disappointed with the six week delay. Thankfully the two Italian packages I purchased last April are doing great so I have something be thankful for. Hopefully this will be the last time I purchase packages.
We got 10 packages w/ queens that were sent up from Georgia as scheduled on 27 March.
bdbee, the only thing I can think is that something happened to supply for late April. March would have been too early for us to start packages weather-wise. I just wonder what the issue is. I know who the suppliers are in Georgia but they don't have much info about anything on their website. Whether it was weather, whether it was poor queen mating availability, whether it was over demand, I don't know.
Cottonwood, I hear you. I have a hive that is doing well and I have a new Russian queen scheduled to arrive in late June, if nothing else I can split that hive. I do wish they would provide a little info on why the delay, it would make it easier.

I'm with you - I want to build up a couple strong hives, split some, and not have to depend on packages again.
Hardeman is running way behind. I had hope to pick up April 21 from them. And I am still waiting. The worst is they will not even give me a date.
See post #13 of this thread for an indirect explanation of the delay:
See post #13 of this thread for an indirect explanation of the delay:
Yeah. Last year the packages were delayed due to lots of rain issues down south. I can't believe this year is even later. All I can figure is it has to do with poor queen mating.

At some point, when you're in short summer seasons like we are, you have to start thinking: how late is too late?
Our club bought packages from 2 different northern CA apiaries. They all arrived on time Apr. 11th
Rossman's was 1 day late in late April.
Rossman's was 1 day late in late April.
I'd say the entire problem with the packages being late is the fact that the Russian Queens are being put into packages there and the queens are being bred elsewhere. Normal procedure. My russian queens from Coy's this year may be late as they have had really messed up weather down south where they are located. Most of the time when you purchase a package of Russian bees, the only true russian bee is the queen, the rest are good ole italian bees. This is because russian bees don't brood up the same way as italians. But it is the weather causing the delays at this point.
Ah! So maybe the Russians then are the culprit. The italians are so productive, with a package of a Russian queen and Italian workers, you get the best of both worlds. :) (for 6 weeks anyway)
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