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Anyone else have a similar swarm story?

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It seems that all of my swarms here at the house are abconds. Including Absconds absconding. I have had that before. Unfortuneately though this time it's because I am losing hives to SHBs and WMs!!!

I hived 2 of the swarms yesterday. Both stayed in their hives overnight. Both had queens.

The smaller of the two swarmed out again around 1:30. It finally settled on the nuc of the larger swarm from yesterday!!

While looking around I spied the queen. Yep the same pretty golden queen I saw yesterday. Finally got her in my hands only to have her escape. :cry: She flew off back toward the direction of the nuc they came from. :eek:

But none of the bees left with her! :ws They all stayed at the nuc which already had a large swarm of bees. In fact, I had to add a 2nd 5-frame high box on that nuc first thing this AM.

What gives????? :scratch: