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anybody use hd bucket vac for bee vac?

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anyone use the 1.75 hp home depot 5 gallon bucket wet/dry vac for a bee vac? saw one online and wondered if anyone here made one and how well it worked
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I've used one like it from Lowe's. Look at the book by Bill Owens and Cindy Bee titled "Honey Bee Removal". It shows plans for several options for vacuuming straight into a hive (has to bee air tight for suction to work) or into a bucket. Gives all sorts of ideas for "extras" also. Like brettj777 said, put foam at the impact point and use a smooth interior hose to cut down on injured and dead bees. Inside diameter for my vac was 1 1/4". Used my set up for a cut out and by adjusting suction kept dead bees to a minimum. The bucket vac worked fine.
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