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she was fine going into winter. come springtime, not only is she stunted, but theres a bit of a hollow in the tip of her abdomen. assuming i did not damage her myself during the last fall inspection, could this be a bit of frostbite?

here is notes from this hive (most recent first, sorry):
--- Inspections ---

Strength: 40%
Notes: coming along. beautiful queen. good laying pattern, just small brood area due to
lack of bee population.

Strength: 30%
Notes: looked quick. eggs but didnt happen to see queen. no larvae?

Strength: 20%
Notes: virgin queen emerged. small numbers.

Strength: 10%
Notes: queens not emerged from cells yet, 3 capped. numbers dwindling again.

Strength: 15%
Notes: added frame with 3 qcells, two capped, one uncapped with grub. mid-frame, smooth, on small side.

Strength: 5%
removed poor laying queen 2 days ago. moved to 5-frame nuc. added Qcell with larvae and bees/brood
from hive5. very low population of ~100. these bees dont fly so well since coming
out of winter. queen abdomen appeared damaged, frostbite?

Temperature: 48 degrees Fahrenheit
Strength: 15%
Notes: eating, but not much. not flying. still no eggs. added one pollen patty.

Temperature: 46 degrees Fahrenheit
Strength: 30%
Notes: not eating. no eggs yet.

Strength: 50%
Notes: 1/2 box cluster. put 2 winter patties in. (in comparison my other hive took up almost a whole deep box)

i chose to help them out no more than adding the one frome of brood with the queen cells. i did not want to take much from my other hives as i wanted to make strong splits to increase this year. they are now making steady progress, just really slow since stumbling back from such a low population. only working 3 frames. looking to see what i can learn from this experiment of letting them build up mostly on thier own.

so, back to original question, any ideas what would hurt her like this?


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