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Any beeks around the Myrtle Beach area?

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I've made it a plan that when and whereever I go on vacation now, to try and locate a beek or two and visit with them. Planning a vacation there soon and would like to know if there are any like minded individuals in that area?
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You might do a search under <community>. The advanced search will let you search by location. There are several beeks from SC on here, but i did not locate any in MB itself. Murrell's Inlet is just south of MB, and there is one beek from there. Depending on how you are traveling down to MB, you might make a stop in Florence. I bought some pollen from <Monk> a couple years ago. He was super nice and does a lot of pollination work. Might be a good stop if he has the time.
SC is my home state. Have a great trip! I do the same thing when we are traveling, including some "unscheduled stops" when I see an apiary beside the road.
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