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Gonna throw in my 2 cents as this hits close to home for me.
I have never had a reaction to any stings other than localized swelling and itching, this is not an allergic reaction but a sign that you have a good immunity system - this right from my Dr.
Just a few weeks ago I got stung and thought nothing of it, within 5-10 minutes I was getting noticable heart palputations, felt flush and my feet and scalp were itching like crazy (I got stung on my right arm). Within the 10-15 minute range my face was noticably red, my arms were red and itching and heart palputations were continueing. At around the 20 minute mark I was sitting in the ambulance getting an IV inserted into my hand, by this time my upper torso was almost completey covered in hives and my lips felt swollen, I did not feel that my throat was swollen but the medic said it looked swollen.
For the next 2 1/2 hrs I was in the ER getting shot up with several medications, by the time I left I looked completely normal and had no symptoms.
So in answer to your question, yes absolutley your symptoms could be the beginnings of an allergic reaction. You should make an appointment with your Dr to get an EPI pen, better to be safe than sorry and your Dr should set you up to see an allergy specialist, I see mine on monday.
Will my next sting have the same results - I have no idea, what I can tell you is I know somebody that has had to stop beekeeping because of her reactions, last time she was stung she was unconcious within 25 seconds, however she says she only gets a severe reaction about 50% of the time.

Personally I would recomend ALL beekeepers keep a pen handy, and know how to administer it. If you develope a reaction you are not going to know ahead of time.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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