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You can also modify David's advice slightly to search just images that have been posted to Beesource. Aside from just looking at the images, this can help you find Beesource threads associated with those images.

For example, to see "queen cells" images posted to Beesource, type or paste this into a Google Search Box:

queen cells

Then just select the 'Images' tab as in David's example above.

Once you click on your selected image, you will have the option of choosing either the full size image alone, or the page/thread that the image was posted to.

The [HIGHLIGHT]site:[/HIGHLIGHT] keyword as shown above needs to precede a valid URL, and there should be no space between the colon and the URL. You can do a similar site-specific search with any site, not just Beesource, and it works for text as well as images.
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