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Last week, my hive swarmed, I thought it was pretty cool. I was at work at the time so my wife called someone and they came and caught the swarm and put it into a couple of medium supers that I had.

Couple days later, they swarmed again, completely emptying the boxes so I caught them this time and got them back in, left it sealed for 3 days and now they seam to be happy.

while I was checking on them yesterday they were fine, happily buzzing in and out like normal, looked at my other hive, all was well. Then while talking to my neighbor I heard a buzzing above me and looked up to see another swarm on the other side of the tree.

So I called a good friend, and we improvizes some parts to utilize a deep super that I have and caught the third swarm, as of now all three seam to be happy. And I have three hives!
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