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Another split ??

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:scratch: I want to split from standard Lang. deep to a medium long Lang. Will this work: place a 3" shim/box on the med. long to accept the deep frames, place a mix of drawn and frameless in the balance of the long, and remove the deep frames over time :s or just put the split deep on top of the long medium and hope they go down and sideways.
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If you mix mediums and deeps (frames) in the same box, the bees will tend to draw comb on the bottom of the medium frames. You don't want that. If possible, put your medium box on top of the deep, and let the bees move up and in?
i have no bees so not sure if my opinion will count, :lookout: but all the reading i have done for the past year might,

can you treat them like you would a cut out, ie cut the comb from the deep frames and tie/wire them into the medium frames, this way not loosing too much drawn comb or brood/ stores

alternate them with foundation or drawn mediums and soon the bees will move everything to the new properly attached frames/fix the comb to medium frames properly or replace the tied on comb in the frames
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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