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First time keeper here. Just got my first bees (working hive) this week. They don't appear to be as gentle & peaceful as those on many YouTube video that I've watched. :D

My first day was a bit of a learning experience. I trucked the hive home in the back seat of my pickup truck. (They were screened in over the frame tops & hive entrance.) Got my first sting, through the screen, when I unloaded the hive. Without my net protection, I began to remove the entrance screen. Bees were a bit PO'ed after the jostling around and began to find their way out of a tiny area where I began removing the screen, so I left the area. Went back in a hour 'suited' up and completely removed the entrance screen. In the process of doing that I got the pleasure of meeting several workers on the inside of my netting. :no:

Last evening I suited up and removed the top screen from over the frames and added a second deep box with a feeder in it & also an entrance feeder.

So...........? any suggestions on when & why for the next visit?
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