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Another New Keeper

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First time keeper here. Just got my first bees (working hive) this week. They don't appear to be as gentle & peaceful as those on many YouTube video that I've watched. :D

My first day was a bit of a learning experience. I trucked the hive home in the back seat of my pickup truck. (They were screened in over the frame tops & hive entrance.) Got my first sting, through the screen, when I unloaded the hive. Without my net protection, I began to remove the entrance screen. Bees were a bit PO'ed after the jostling around and began to find their way out of a tiny area where I began removing the screen, so I left the area. Went back in a hour 'suited' up and completely removed the entrance screen. In the process of doing that I got the pleasure of meeting several workers on the inside of my netting. :no:

Last evening I suited up and removed the top screen from over the frames and added a second deep box with a feeder in it & also an entrance feeder.

So...........? any suggestions on when & why for the next visit?
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Hi and welcome to the forum....try and hook up with some Beekeepers from Kansas on here.
Keep an eye on the entrance and watch your bees behavior and what they are bringing into the hive, like pollen. Wait a few weeks to see if they are building comb, storing nectar and pollen, see how the queen is laying, etc. I don't think you need two feeders on, just one. Have fun, find a mentor and join a club.....
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