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Local feral survivors in eight frame medium boxes.
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>1) Is there any sure-fire way to save this colony? (Okay, as sure fire as anything can be with bees). I had hoped to keep this one as my son wanted it as a 4-H project.

Yes. Give them a frame of brood a week for three weeks.

>2) If I add a frame a week as I’ve seen on Bush Bee’s site, could it be detrimental to the others?

Eggs are a small investment and the amount of brood most hives have is not determined by how much the queen can lay but how much they can feed and keep warm. A frame of eggs and newly hatched brood isn't a big investment for them. A frame of emerging brood is...

> If I do add them, should I take one from each of the other two?

If you like. But you only need one frame every week...

>3) If my colony sounds like it is beyond saving, is it worthwhile to split these bees among my other two?

If that is your intent, just move the hive, shake them all on the ground and put the frames in the other hives.

> If I were to do that, would there be a chance that which ever workers are laying could start to do so in my others?

If you combine without shaking them out, yes.

>4) I’m appreciative of any other advice!
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