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And going out today I found another sign that yes, my queen is being superceded.

3 queen cells with good sized larvae and have almost eaten through the royal jelly thats in the cells which means they are getting close to being capped, yay. However upon looking over some of the frames I noticed workers opening up capped cells and pulling out developing larvae with no signs of mites. Brood patter in spotty, and there are larvae that are under a week old so the queen wasn't killed when I dropped those frames... shame.

Now I have a course of action planned, queen needs to be pinched and let the new ones take over. 2 frames of brood in two weeks time is not gonna cut it and she needs to be replaced. However, in order to pinch her, I need to find her first. Anyone got some suggestions on how to find her. I know what she looks like cause I had her in my queen catcher during one inspection, but havnt seen her since.

So, should I go out there, dont smoke and keep hunting for the queen until I find her, pulling out frames into a box until shes found?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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