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5 ,8 ,10 frame, and long Lang
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As I noted above, this question is geared more toward the hobbyists like me who probably have more time on their hands to deal with these minor things, since I don't have a ton of hives... The idea here is to add a shallow channel and a thin bead of silicone caulk around the top edge of my boxes, so the compression from above will seal out any minor gaps. I normally only have tiny gaps if any, since all my boxes have 3/4" box joints and I am very careful to keep them perfectly square, but over time they warp a little. If I could seal them like this, the bees won't have to propolize all the joints, and maybe I wouldn't need to tape any for winter either. Has anybody ever tried this? Thanks!
The bigger the warp the bigger the cement block :) The bees run a high moisture inside with a good size weight the warp will give up. I made some hives where the saw was somehow of a smidge, 3- 4x2x8 bricks on 2 of the opposite corners fixed it, in a month. Gravity is a wonderful thing. I scrape and torch the edges, so for Me the silicone would not work. I also at times sand off a corner a bit to level the hive up. Also keep in mind in heat /summer the propolis does get soft and gooey, so it does what you want in warm season already.
YA agree too much time......
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