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Angry bee qustion?

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will leaving the cut out comb in yard for bee to get honey off of cause them to be more aggressive. I put a tub of honey covered comb I couldn't get into hive from wall removal. about 40 - 50 lbs of comb honey and drone cells .all my hive are bumping me and stinging my blue dog but not my blond one. the hive I pull from wall is still pissed off quite a bit. you can smell pheromone all around new hive, is this pissing my other hives off to.
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After a major dislocation like a cutout, the bees are going to stay riled up for several days. Stay away for five days and see if that doesn't make a big difference. Washing the suit would be good too.

well I pick up all the comb, my bee vacuum (it had abunch of bee hanging on inside so I left it out there ),and washed everything 2 times. that seemed to make them a little bit less flighty they where comeing 150' to try and get me before. so well see.

I asked in another post be why mostly drone brood all comb was back filled bunch of queen cells like 30 or 40 of them some hatched some just larvae. found three queens all looked pretty small.( I just sucked them up too. )
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