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Anel inside feeders

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So I've had these feeders from Brushy Mountain for 4 or 5 years. Cheaply made and truly only about 4 years of use before the frame holder tabs start to break off. BUT....they are still the best inside feeder I've ever had for growing 4 frame nucs in a 5 frame box. They hold 2 1/2 quarts and are the only feeder I've ever found that was truly a frame width. All the others are too wide to have 4 frames plus feeder in the box. And the floats mean ZERO bee drowning. They were $7 new. I'm down to my last dozen of them and I treat them like gold now. Brushy is out of business and I can't find anything about them in the US. Only thing is their Greek website...which is in Greek.
So, if you're holding a few of these, for nuc making, in my mind, you're sitting on a mint. And if you have a source for getting these, I'll be your new best friend.
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Same here, no idea and probably too old to learn. But, a bunch of folks on Beesource are printing all kinds of things like mating nucs and frames, entrance discs, etc. Can't be that hard, can it?

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if you have a source for getting these, I'll be your new best friend.
Ga bee supply will make them for you out of wood (masonite sides). You’ll have to seal them
with wax before using. I don’t know how many you need to order before they’ll make them. You’ll have to call.

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Maybe you could 3D print them yourself?
Working with 3D printers that part would probably not be worth the hassle to 3d print. Most 3d printed parts are slightly porous (without post processing) so it would leak unless you do something to it after printing. Most 3D printers that are not expensive also have a print area smaller than the size of a frame, so you either have to print 2 parts and join them, or get a more expensive printer.
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