Having been connected with beekeeping since 1954, Andy was once a commercial beekeeper from Los Banos, California. He also had beekeeping operations in Meeker, Colorado, and Arivaca, Arizona.

Well known in the beekeeping industry by regulators and state and national legislatures, he was responsible, at times single handed, for deregulation of beekeeping in California and other states, and also helped Clarence Benson, Glenn Gibson, Jim Smith and Richard Adee in the "beekeeper indemnification program" for many years.

He was not a power broker in beekeeping politics and over the years had earned a reputation for honesty and straight talking and was respected for his original ideas. He took great pride on the fact that he was a beekeeper with nothing to sell other beekeepers other then ideas and experience and had been honored as a speaker at state and national beekeeping meetings many times if only to balance out the programs which were many times overloaded with those outside the "hands on" beekeeping industry.

More from Andy. Here is just a small sample of what Andy brought to the discussion of beekeeping on BEE-L. Laugh or be offended. That was just his style...