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Thank you for the reminder Grozzie. Your timing is impeccable.
Fantastically written anatomy!
And fantastic reminder it is "conservative".
May I/do I have your permission to refer other beeks to your article by simply giving out the URL, or google reference finder, or whatever it is called. Will not give any of the article out, only the Beesource tag to find and read it from your own post.
Pretty please.
This is info that every beekeeper needs to be aware of.
Not everyday I read something on beekeeping with as much emphasis, importance, and simple ringing of raw truth throughout, and timing matches the general dates here in SW WA.
Combined with the fact the startling resulting info is a conservative reporting. Wow!
Whether I can post the URL or not. Thank you for the anatomy lesson.
41 - 42 of 42 Posts