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Some of the things i have learned thus far...
1. If you have bees, and you see no queen or eggs, or brood, chances are the hive swarmed and you either have a virgin or a newly mated queen in there some where.
2. If there was no queen of some sort, they would back fill the nest with honey and pollen, especially if there is a flow on. If the center frames are empty, a good possiblity there is a queen in there and they are getting it ready for her to go to work

3. It is a good idea to add a frame of eggs...make sure they have not hatched. In four days, if there is a few cells on there, you have no queen. If they have not made any cells, check back in a week or so.

4. add some pollen patties to the hive. Now this hive is pretty much out of the honey production for this year. Your goal should be to get it ready for winter. That means ensuring you have a queen and getting the brood production up.
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