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American Foulbrood in NYS
In 2019 there were 114 cases of American Foulbrood, more than 115 so far in 2020. MAP of incidence in NYS July 2020
Some involved beekeepers with multi yard operations, some were repeat infections, where AFB was discovered in 2019 and erradicated, but upon re-inspection in 2020, tested positive again.
NY Bee Wellness has 2 NEW presentations on AFB:

1) Power Point presentation by Bob Deemer
A basic introduction to American Foulbrood (AFB), and covers: other bee diseases, such as European Foulbrood, the history of AFB, symptoms, prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and NYS law concerning this reportable disease. BOOKMARKS with timestamps are included. Suggested for beginning or inexperienced beekeepers, as well as beekeepers wanting to update/refresh their knowledge of bee disease.



2) Apiary & Hive Inspection with a NYS Inspector (Matt Eaton) 26 minutes

Please pause the video when needed to look at the different photos or inspection techniques, and see the resource page for further info.

Beekeepers are responsible for inspecting their hives and the brood chamber frequently to check for diseases such as AFB. Visual inspection and use of the Vita Kits are useful to confirm an infection. If positive identification of AFB occurs, contact the NYS State Apiarist. (518) 457-2087,[email protected]

NY Bee Wellness keeps these videos FREE and available to you! Your donation furthers the goals of our outreach.
Donate to support beekeeper education! (click here)
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