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Amazingly productive nuc

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This is my first year to try splits. I made my first splits into nucs on 4/11 and added capped swarm queen cells to each nuc. The nuc in the picture was the first one to have a laying queen. She isn't a big queen but she's been very productive. I have added 2 more deep 5 frame nuc bodies with foundationless frames since I found her to be mated and laying. Saturday I noticed the hive was so full of bees that they were clinging to the underside of the landing board. I moved the triple stacked nuc into 2 ten frame deeps yesterday and added a honey super just to give all the bees a place to stay in the hive. I was amazed to see so many bees come from a 5 over 5 over 5 nuc. They completely filled the double 10 frame deep and super with bees as soon as I put the hive together. That was still with several 1000 bees on the front of the 10 frame hive bodies.

I also found the queen and marked her. First one that I have caught by the wings and marked.


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**** impressive to explode to that size in 6 weeks. make sure you keep that old girl going.
Wow, thanks for the pics, hope I will have similar successes some day!

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