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Am I dreaming or is this real?

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Yesterday a flow just started on something here so all hives where "all hand on deck". I have a queen castle, which is like a 4 frame nuc. The only entrance to the small hive is a 1or2 bee wide opening in the side with nothing for the bees to land on like a landing board (I suppose this deters robbing). So i go out to watch it yesterday and this happens. I want to see if anyone else has seen this behavior. One worker will come out of the hole and while still on the side of the box stand below the hole, horizontal to the ground. Then she lets 3-4 bees use her as a landing board...then she flies off. In a few seconds another worker does the same thing. Am i dreaming? After I told my wife she just shook her head and said "They are smarter than us!"
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I have 3 of the same style hive and they do exactly that.
So what do you think should we make a landing board for the castles?
Great observation! I use the fake plastic credit cards that I'm always getting in the mail as a landing board for these. Works well. Just slip them between box and bottom board.
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