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Alternatives to Fumagilin-B for nosema?

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Hi All,

We're starting on our fourth year of beekeeping this Spring and there seems to be no end of things to learn. A good thing in my estimation. That said, I come to seek the knowledge of more experienced beekeepers hereabouts.

The winter here in central Maryland has been extraordinarily cold and wet but our three hives have made it to this date in pretty good shape -- except for one that I think is troubled with nosema. On the one warm (60-ish) day we had last week, everybody was out and active but I noticed a good-sized glob of wet bee-poo underneath the access hole drilled into the handle recess of the upper brood box. Now, bein' one of your crunchy organic types, I'm reticent to use something like Fumagilin-B. I've read that thymol can be just as effective -- and since it's something that's been in use for thousands of years (to preserve mummies, among other things) I figured that it's probably alright for my bees. Have any of y'all used it? Did you put it in feed jars or make some kind of 'candy' out with it. I've also read that myrrh resin is, in essence, thymol. Does anyone know if this is correct?

Thanks in advance,

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I don't know about thymol but I used femagilin-b and honey b heathy in the spring and in the fall and my hive got it any way. Hope you have better luck.
Menthol crystals are manufactured in a chemical plant. :eek:
i use thymol and food grade mineral oil in a fogger for mites and i dont have any problems with nosema
When I look up thymol, it seems to have some toxicity warnings associated with it. Not so for the essential oil however.

Someone had mentioned putting fresh thyme leaves in a smoker to increase their mite drops. That's why I looked it up.
Feeding anything will clear up Nosema about as well as anything else.
Nozevit is a good alternative to fumagillin.All natural tree oils.Proven to work well. Used a lot here in Europe.
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