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No evidence of pollen finding its way to my bees today. Not saying they haven't found some elms blooming earlier but nothing today. The apple buds close to the yard aren't even swelling much and the dandelions are growing but no sign of buds yet. At least most all the snowbanks are gone for now. Average last snow here is mid May.

It was supposed to be in the 60's and low winds and I had big plans but things did not work out that way. I decided not to pull frames and just check feed and see how far along they were with their pollen patties. Much to my dismay, I found several that had totally consumed theres. That can be disastrous if that is all they have with no natural pollen to speak of yet. I marked them for future reference to see if I did hurt them. I added baggies of syrup to the lightest ten and put up to four patties on the colonies that seemed to be going thru them extra fast.

My bees are small cell and I found fresh snow white drone comb complete with eggs being built in the feeder rim on one. That tells me they will need split in a couple weeks and my queen order Is for about the right time. I got stung quite a few times by one of my boomers which is one of two hives that are destined to become material for splits as I won't have nasty bees if I can help it, and I can!
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