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Almonds 2014....Losses???

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Hey Guys...Heard "through the grape vine" that there were tremendous losses on the almonds in 2014....we have heard as much as 80% due to accidental pesticide use. Anybody experience such? Trying to validate figures. Thanks!
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the commercial people all went out of business. lost everything in almonds. my hives (80) got sprayed but came out of it all right. a few people had big losses, most people seemed to do fine.
"Losses" were the typical fungicide issues we have seen in the past. Bees typically bounce back pretty quickly from it though. I know of no beekeeper who wasn't able to get his numbers back with post almond splits.
That article made a pretty big splash back in March when it came out but there has never been any follow up to confirm the scope of the problem. Rightly or wrongly setbacks from fungicide usage seem to have become the norm in recent years.
Thanks for the input all! So...even though the article was published, it seems there is nothing to truly substantiate it...interesting. I appreciate the help. Thanks again.
Kim Flottum? Doesn't he produce a magazine for lady gardeners?
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