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All mean now

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I'm up to 8 hives this year. I've been letting them split themselves for the last 2 years. This year I kept the splits at my home. I just took them away and moved them to a friends 3 miles away.

It got to where I couldn't go and work in my garden or mow the lawn with out getting hit. Now I'm seeing why one of the traits you look for is temperament.

I was going to order VSH to requeen but I'm wondering if those breeders give any thought to temperament? Do you ask your breeders before you you buy what traits the select breeders for?
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Most defiantly! Gentle easy to work with bees is a must in my book. It trumps all other traits. and I ask the breeder about it. I have Observation hives in my stores, a few exit 15 feet above and maybe 20 feet away from the door. the bees must come and go without bothering the customers.
How do you get your hives to split themselves.

Life is too short for mean bees. Requeen!
Oops, I meant to say I've been splitting from the same 2 hives I bought as nucs in 2012. What do people who have English as a second language do?
I would suggest thinking twice about getting queens from texas or south florida due to Africanized drones getting to be part of the mix. re-queen with stock from further north. most of the breeders will tell you what you want to hear. so check the breeders out first, ask around. support your local bee club, this is a good place to start asking......... I am picking up 6 tomorrow from a long time queen breeder in central ny. he said he has 200 banked ready to work. see the for sale list on this site, be polite, he might just part with less than 25 at a time.
+ 1 on bee clubs. If someone grafts 25 queens in their backyard there is a high probability they do not need 25.
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