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ahead of schedule here in Southeast Kansas !

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it seems my colonies are ahead of schedule compared to last year. which is fine with me hahaha. already on their second round of brood and the queens are laying awesome solid patterns. a couple out of sync cells here and there but i think they will get on track in the next cycle. if this keeps up and the weather allows, i should have some queens reared and nucs made in a few short weeks. theres a better percentage of drone cells in this round as well. i wonder when the flow will start ? im still feeding and they dont seem to be doing much comb building at the moment.
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Have you got good moisture down there to go with your spring? Cold and wet here which is alright for now as the bees have had cleansing weather. I can't pull frames yet to see how mine are looking only count how many frames are covered with bees. Better than a month I estimate till drone comb is much in evidence.
Tommy its all relative, last spring was terrible for alot of folks, coupled with a poor hot/dry summer in 2012. An old timer been keeping for 40+ years told me it was one of the worst he remembered.

Im expecting and already seeing a great beginning to spring.
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