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aggressive nuc

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I have four hives. One is a swarm I caught, the other are nuc's i bought. I have one nuc that is TOTALLY different from the rest. They won't use a top enterance, and they are pissy. The minute you open the top they are all over you, and yes I do use smoke. this Queen is very different from the other three in appearance, she is long and a yellow/gold. Somebody said possibly a Cordoban Italian ? None of my nucs were really strong when I got them, they had 3 frames when I got them they now have 5 1/2 of comb.Six weeks later. Question, would it help me to combine the pissy hive with a much calmer hive and do away the mean old Queen? While I don't get stung, I don't enjoy working her either. Thanks ahead for all replies.
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Pinch her head and see what the bees are like after they raise their own queen. Or you could combine w/ another colony.

Cordovan queens are not all from Cordoba. Not all Cordoban queens are Cordovans. Just FYI.
Why bother? It's a nuc. Let her raise brood and draw frames for you. Keep stealing brood frames and feed them into your other hives.
let her build you a big strong hive, and Let them swarm. The new queen will be breed to drones from less wicked queen. You could move her to a two frame nuc, and let her old hive produce a new queen. I've never intentionally killed one of my queens , but I have story's accidental killings. I have also cussed a few of them.
Lemme guess...It's your strongest so far... All is happy in Mayberry until the bees have something to defend...

They won't use a top entrance.?...I sure hope you have a bottom entrance open. You are not trying to FORCE them to use only upper entrance, are you? That'll piss them off for sure! They will use a top (even using the groove in the inner cover...when they so choose.)

You are working with BEES...not people you can negotiate with. Prepare/outfit yourself properly. When you get a really BOOMING hive...Watch out! :lookout: Don't blame the queen...blame the beekeeper. Protect yourself, stay calm, and I bet they end up your favorites and best producers!
They are actually the weakest of all my hives, the instant that the lid is opened the are mad. I am willing to let them be bees and realize I am invading their home. I am just spoiled that the other girls are so calm.
I have 2 nucs that are defensive also. I hate to do it, but I made the decision yesterday to requeen them. I have no fun working with them. The queens are laying great and my other 2 hives aren't doing as well.
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