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Aggressive, going for eyes

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Yesterday went to a fellow beeks place. Was going to replace a top cover for him. I lift my covers without any problem, no veil needed. I started to lift the back of his and out they came after me. OK, he does't open his as often as I do. Apparently 1 of the girls lit on my cap and when we were back in his shop all of a sudden this bee decided to get behind my glasses and try to sting my eye. Got out of that w/o any sting. I got home and walked out to look at my 2 hives and a single bee came after me and followed me about 20 feet and it also went behind my glasses and successfully stung the top of my eyelid. Hurt like the dickens. I had been at this man's place friday evening helping him harvest some of his honey. I had taken 2 of my frames to him as I had split mine 2 weeks ago. ( Had to try my honey). I am sure a few of his bees got on my frames and I brough them home with me. Never had "my" bees do anything like this. Was this just a coinsidence? No hair spray or anything like that. Thanks Wes
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Similar experience the other day. Just sittin in front of one of my hives, to the side about7 - 10 feet away as I always do,,,,,,,,,,,right out of the hive hit my glasses and stung me on the nose. :eek:yeeeeooowww that hurt.
My bees are normally easy going but like it has been said on this forum,,,,heat,dearth, lots of things can change good bees into bad. Most likely temporary.:D
Rick SoMd
If you're wearing sunglasses around your hives.....just don't do it. If they are even slightly defensive, you give them a target. The contrast is like a bulls eye. Folks step out of their cars in my beeyards with their shades on and that's the first thing I tell them. Seen it too many times.
Thanks Beemandan. Yes my glasses had turned dark, We live, learn and then die. I will remember this, as a new keep, I have lots to learn and then as an old man remembering, but this one I will remember. Thanks again Wes
,,,,heat,dearth, lots of things can change good bees into bad. Most likely temporary.:D
Rick SoMd
Most likely temporary until next spring. My bees are so nice and calm in the spring. For me, starting at the end of July things turn serious. I don't wear gloves from early spring until the end of July. After that I always have them with me.

My bees stop playing around after the summer solstice and the flow is over.
Yep this is normal this time of year (a bit later for me) By now your hives should be strong and full of honey, they have lots to protect.
I agree with beemandan on the dark glasses. If I take a walk to the bee yard with my black hat on, the bees let me know I shouldn't have worn it.
Dark hair and contrast they also love to attack. I get hit in the back of the head in the same spot all most all the time. I think it is where the thinning is on dark hair. They seem to get tangled into my hair. We were on the deck the other day 100 feet from the hives and one bee came up and attacked that spot only. Did not bother anyone else just to sting me in the back of the head. I think the contrast and the dark hair.
In spring and early summer working around the hives is no problem at all, but late summer things change. I generally pull a mosquito net over my head if I'm working around the hives later in the year. It gives enough protection that the occasional grumpy bee can't get right in your face. If anyone asks why I'm wearing the mosquito net, I tell them the skeeters are horrible this year.
LOL I wish I had hair for them to get tangled up in.:D Hope they don't go for bright shiny spots.:D
I know in the "animal world" big\dark eyes are a sign of aggression. Maybe this time of year when they are on edge, the eyes provoke them.

Rick SoMd
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