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In the book “he Art & Adventure of Beekeeping” By Ormond & Harry Aibi who by the way hold the world’s record for most honey from a single hive. They frequently talk about why Honeybees sting. They say they only sting when they are frightened or offended. Granted some bees get offended a lot easier. On thing they also talk about is bees get use to motion around there hives, if they are located in an area where they don’t see much motion like people or machinery routinely going by. You can place a burlap sack on a pole or something that will move in the wind, that way the bees will get use to something moving around their hives. If the weather was bad or they were in a nectar shortage this will also contribute to aggression. Things like what color your shirt is or if you have been sweating and might be a little gamey, might offend them. If the hives are productive you might want to evaluate other factors besides AHB being the problem.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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