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The box that got upset did have another box on top of it. I didn't break the bond between the two boxes while inspecting the upper deep and there was quite a bit of bridge comb with larvae between the two boxes.

I don't mind the stings and I don't really mind the aggressive bees, but I didn't want my son to get stung multiple times if I could prevent it. I don't even wear a jacket or veil when the flow is on. I know my son will get stung but he is getting more accustomed to the bees each time we check them and I don't want him to get eaten up and get discouraged from helping me. It's gonna happen for him, but maybe it will be one or two stings and not 10-20. Yesterday I could see that situation turning into a sting fest if we had stayed in the hive. He didn't express any interest in helping me until late in the year last year so this is only the 3rd or 4th time he has helped me check them. He couldn't wait to tell "momma" last night how he was getting more use to the bees and stood right up next to the hives this time. Two weeks ago when I checked them he stood about 10 feet from the boxes puffing the smoker like an old freight train. LOL
I had similiar issues with my largest hive too..

I posted a while back about aggressive hives and very similiar experiences .... The main response was that I was either crushing bees when I worked or they were cranky pre honey flow. I slowed down and the bees have been foraging like mad the last month and I have had no issues... I have been visiting my 3 hives about once a week and no issues and very pleasurable...

So yesterday I was working my strongest hive and the one that tends to get moody. It was early morning around 9 but it was in the 50's... I wanted to pull a couple of frames from the deep to start another nuc. Everything was going fine until I went into the deeps. I pulled 1 frame and I could tell they weren't happy I pulled another and then came the sweet banana smell and the who hive erupted. Bees poured out of the hive and I was covered it was shocking but I never got stung through suit. I rushed to put the hive back together and they kept coming I am not talking 100's but 1000's and it was going to rain later song had to finish up.... I got the hive back together mostly and got the heck out.... I cam back 4 hours later in the pouring rain to try and straighten the hive so no water could get in and they still attacked.... It's crazy they don't mind if I work the shallows but every time I go into deeps it gets crazy....

I have had to go to my shed which is next to the hives in my yard and no issues with guard bees though so maybe just bad day?
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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