October, 1990

On October 15, a swarm of AHB was found and destroyed near Hidalgo, Texas. This was a pioneer swarm which normally is found well in advance of the main AHB front. The honey bees were captured in a swarm trap operated by the Agricultural Research Service (ARS), USDA. Samples were identified at the ARS laboratory in Texas and confirmed as Africanized on October 17 by the ARS laboratory in Beltsville, Maryland.

A honey bee delimiting survey is being implemented in a 2-mile radius of the find as called for in the joint Texas/APHIS AHB action plan. A press briefing will be scheduled for October 18, at a location in Texas to be announced.

Mr. Otha Barham of our Domestic and Emergency Operations staff in Hyattsville, Maryland, has been designated as the contact person for APHIS headquarters. His telephone number is Area Code (301) 436-8247.

SOURCE: Richard R. Backus for B. Glen Lee, Deputy Administrator,