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I can only imagine how much fun it is to keep purely AFB hives.

This is a most interesting topic. I read a study out of Texas A&M that suggested that the AHB is hybridizing at the "cold line" and they expect all honey bees to someday have AHB traits.

The one thing that AHB is not so good at is over wintering. This is what I mean by the cold line. It is the line in the climate were the AHB is no longer able to over winter. This is the area that the hybridation it taking place. The hybrids are moving further north each year.

A local beekeeper here in Houston call them "striped tail runners". I have not see them but he says they are nasty to deal with. They have a particular stripe to their tail and they will abandon the brood and run from inspection.

What are your H1 hybrids like?
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