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In two days they drew out 3 frames with wax cells.
Pronto colony, has different roar, kind of like the
Vuvuzela: SA football's trumpet.
Does that different roar mean they have now settled down some? Or have they stayed nasty?

Just because they are ornery doesn’t automatically mean they are Africanized. It could be that the swarm was hanging out somewhere for several days until they found your equipment. Supposedly several days outside can make even European swarms a bit angry

Most of the Africanized swarms that arrive at my trap hives or the ones that I shake out of a tree are usually pretty docile in the beginning. I usually catch a couple every year in trap hives that I hang right behind my house. I´ll go out there in nothing but shorts and flip-flops and watch them move into the box. They don’t even pay attention to me. (Once they get several combs of brood they start to act a bit more nasty.)

Play it by ear a bit and see if they settle down once they get themselves organized in the box and start bringing in fresh nectar.

1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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