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aeration in primary

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Hi all,

First time meader here. Gonna give this a shot in a few days. Got all the gear I need, recipe etc... and I've been reading up on it. Seems oxygen is needed in the first day or so of fermentation and not afterwards. So I plan on using a huge whisk or maybe a drill with a paint agitator attached. So my question is should I aerate the must before or after adding the yeast.
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Doesn't matter. Aerating after will mix the yeast up more, but they'll find the sugars either way :).
i've gone both ways with fruit wines and could never see a difference, just like i have went with sterile and natural ingerdients and havent seen a difference.i typically only make 15-20 gallon a year though, not like some of these posters who make a lot more and have for a lot longer. i guess my dad was right when he said "son, its ALLWAYS better to be lucky than good" :)
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