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This question is for those experienced beeks. Currently I think i am doing good on starting hives from packages and nucs and starting hives from swarms. I have also read Walt's theory on checkerboarding. It seems to me that for checkerboarding to work you need extra comb which I don't have. Most of my starter hives are up to 2-3 mediums right now and I expect they will make it to 3 mediums by end of fall. My question is, coming out of next winter with a 3 medium size hive what should I do to build up to have enough bees to make a honey crop but NOT to have a bunch of swarming.

I did have a hive this year that was building up nicely so I thought I would not split it but use it to get a honey crop. Just about the time they had about 1/2 a super of honey they swarmed several times. I am looking for advice on how to get a good honey crop...not increase the number of hives.

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