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advice needed

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i am a new bee keeper. this is my second season. my hive came thru the winter VERY strong. last year i wanted to try empty frames.
i put a box on, queen excluder under the box and put empty frames with a strip of beeswax.

nothign happened....i removed the box for over-wintering.

2 weeks ago, i wanted to try again....this time i took 2 frames of bees from down below....i THOUGHT i took 2 frame sof capped honey with bees, but i guess i took a capped honey and a brood frame.

now, the bees are going crazy but there is brood above the wxcluder....i dont want this as i dont want brood in my honey.

i could not find the queen....and honestly i am not that good to identify her even if i saw her.

so, how do i fix this mess i made?

we planned on doing a split this spring..i have a new hive ready and i have 2 queens coming....can i just take this box from above the excluder, being it already has brood and honey and put it on the new hive to make my split?

theni can add a new box with excluder again on the hive i want honey from.

i guess i needhelp fixing the mess i made.

bees are very strong and are doing great and i dont want to mess them up

tell me what to do.

i will attach pictures below if i can figure it out.
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also wanted to add that they are building honeycomb on those empty frames like CRAZY!
Welcome to Beesource!

While the way that you used the excluder may not have intentionally created a split, what you did is not necessarily wrong. For instance, see post #21 of this current thread:

You could just follow through on Rays's technique to complete the split.
thanks for the welcome. i will read thru that you think the queen is above the excluder?? or were the eggs already laid before i put the frame up above? it will be 2 weeks on sunday.....

and what is the mess on the bottom of one of the frames? my son seems to think that i had some comb attached and when i removed the frame it ripped open the cell and exposed developing bees????

i did not see any new eggs...i will look again this weekend when it is not so darned windy. and what is that rounded covered cell in the middle of one of the empty combs??
I am so buying you a bee brush with my next order of stuff :)
i can buy it for you when i get another queen excluder :)
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